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Solar Art Print

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Art print by Copenhagen artist and graphic designer Kristina Krogh.

LIMITED EDITION of 400 pieces.

Medium: Hot foiled printed artwork (with gold foil)
Paper: Sand colored art paper 
Authenticity: Signed and numbered by artist

This print is a part of the “Black Sun” collection: "The artworks are an interpretation of the nature phenomenon 'Sort sol' (Danish for 'Black sun'). 'Sort sol' is a nature phenomenon in the marshlands in southwestern Jutland, Denmark. Very large numbers of migrational starlings gather there in spring and autumn when they move between their winter grounds in southern Europe and their summer breeding grounds in Scandinavia and other countries near the Baltic Sea. 'Sort sol' takes place in the hours just after sunset. The birds gather in large flocks and form huge formations in the sky just before they decide for a location to roost for the night."

The art print is made of an original drawing with thousands of dots made by hand. It is hot foil printed to the highest standard on 270 gsm grey art paper pressed with gold metallic foil. The hint of metallic foil means that it changes as the light hits it, or as you move around a room. 

Size: 39.5" x 27.5"

The art print is sold unframed and carefully wrapped in silk paper and shipped in a cardboard tube to avoid damage during shipping.

Design: Kristina Krogh Studio

Geometrics, contrasts, colors and distinctively different textures are strongly represented in Kristina`s artworks.
"In my work I'm fascinated by different materials and their

surfaces which can either be cold, warm, soft, hard, heavy
or light. I think the strong mix of these exclusive and cheap
textual materials such as marble, ply, wood, cork and paper
is an interesting an unexpected combination. My inspiration comes from the things and objects that surrounds me; a beautiful old parquet, a perfect color combination on a building, a stone floor in a church, a bike ride through Copenhagen - among many other things."  Kristina Krogh

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