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Modern furniture, lighting and home accessories from Scandinavia

Surfboard Coffee Table

$ 500.00

The effects of buoyancy are carefully observed in this energetic piece. Although the polished steel rod stands are a work unto their own, the simple beauty of this table is in its completeness. While the top extends the length of a standard sofa, the tone is both slight and charming. Rather than something massive, the elliptical nature of the plywood top seems to effortlessly ride the horizon line. Surfboard is a favorite among commercial reception and lounge areas, that seek something both formative and conceptually unobtrusive. 

Size: 69"L x 22"W x 10"H

Table Top Dimensions: 1"H

Inner Drawer Space: 51.5"W

Materials: Plywood top, Stainless steel stands

Design: Modway

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